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Our name is the metaphor of our brand

  • TenemosTela for treating a fabric knowing that it is the canvas of a design.
  • TenemosTela to take care of before worrying, working every day, choosing, designing our fabrics and taking care of our customers.
  • TenemosTela for actively looking forward to the trends, colors, materials, threads that will shape our fabrics and give substance to your designs.
  • TenemosTela for having created a professional and proactive team.
  • TenemosTela for collaborating with the planet and for demanding from us and from our suppliers the guarantees in procedures related to respect for the planet and the environment.
  • TenemosTela for researching and devoting many resources to the development and production of recycled products.
  • TenemosTela for making things easy and for facilitating them, for our treatment of our clients and for respecting their work, cutting delivery times and providing good support and the best service.

For that and many more things, we have TenemosTela

Here we are and thank you for having us.

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