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Environmental Commitment

TenemosTela is a company specialised in the research and development of new circular fabrics mainly for the bathroom sector, always committed to the protection of the environment. Since its beginnings, TenemosTela has been committed to the protection and conservation of the ecosystem that surrounds us. Committed to this idea, of which we involve the entire staff, TenemosTela implements its "Eco-sustainable Vision" in all phases of its production: from the choice of raw materials to weaving, dyeing, printing and finishing.

In order to guarantee a constant and continuous management of the environmental aspects derived from the activity carried out, TenemosTela implements and maintains an active Environmental Management System. The Company is committed to take into account all known factors connected to the territorial, socio-economic, cultural and organisational context in order to meet the needs and expectations of the interested parties. To this end, it undertakes to comply with the obligations deriving from legal requirements and other actions aimed at achieving the objective of preventing pollution and reducing the environmental impact of all its processes and the life cycles of its products.

It is TenemosTela's will to contribute to the preservation of the environment and to continuously improve through a constant implementation of the Environmental Management System in order to guarantee:

  • Compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, including commitments freely made by the Company.
  • The management of all environmental aspects, paying particular attention to those most relevant to the activity in question:

- Selection of raw materials, trying to choose recycled raw materials and reducing waste.

- Water and energy consumption, optimising resource management to the maximum.

- Reduction of atmospheric emissions, optimising the technology of existing filtering systems.

- Discharges of treated water: through the constant management and control of industrial waste derived from the activity.

  • The pursuit of a specific set of measurable objectives, in line with the current Policy, taking into account significant environmental aspects and impacts.
  • Ensure the availability of the necessary resources to implement the current Policy and its maintenance over time as well as the control of these resources.
  • Spreading environmental awareness and sensitivity among the company's staff as well as their involvement to maximise the results of the implemented Philosophy.

The Company Management shall provide all necessary resources for the development and maintenance of the environmental project. The current Environmental Policy has been communicated to all staff and has been sent to all suppliers and collaborators; it is available to the public and to anyone who asks for it. The Company ensures permanent monitoring of the Policy document at every reviewable interval or in case of any specific requirement.

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