Payments and Prices

Secure payment with SSL


Debit or Credit card

Simple and fast payment with your card. Secure payment method without any type of surcharge or commission.

*If you choose to pay with VISA, either debit or credit, you will have to fill in your details at the time of checkout.

*If you get an error when paying by card, you should know: Due to the new European regulation PSD2, it may be necessary for you to carry out a verification step when paying with a credit or debit card during the purchase process.

There are several methods depending on the bank, but the most common are based on verifying the payment through your bank's application on your mobile or with a temporary one-time code.

To receive the verification request, you may first need to sign up for the service. Contact your bank for more information.


All the products of TenemosTela have 21% VAT applied, in force in Spain.

TenemosTela reserves the right to change prices at any time if circumstances require.

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